Technical university Delft

Design Experience / Form Experience - Students learn how form and color communicate the functional, emotional and cultural dimensions of a product. Tasks include organization of introductory talks for each project, explanation of theory, coaching and motivating students throughout the design projects, grading students' work and providing feedback.

PO2 Concept Design - First year students learn about the design process from problem definition to concept development, including a user research day. 

Zen and the Art of Design - This elective in the Masters curriculum focuses on the design of products and user rituals that infuse our daily lives with a mindful quality. To this end, designers first focus on the important desired qualities, both in a material sense and in a social interaction sense. Only after they have moved the design brief away from the actual product to a more abstract level, do they start thinking about problem solving.


InHolland Hogeschool Delft

Engineering & Entrepreneurship - A morning workshop in which engineering students get acquainted with and learn to apply brand character & storytelling theory to marketing, communication and product design.

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UWC Atlantic College

Capstone Project - During this summer project, students between 16-18 years old develop product concepts and city development plans in line with sustainability & circular economy principles.

The United World College Atlantic College brings together 360+ students from 92 nationalities and a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds to study and live together for their final two years of high school. The goal is to engender personal leadership as global citizens in service to their community.